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Open Air

Are you looking for a classic photo booth? Then our open-air option is the right choice for you! With the open-air, guests will stand between the camera and a single panel of pipe and drape. It is very versatile and a true space saver making it perfect for smaller venues or simply when space is limited. Plus, there's no limit on the amount of guests that can fit in it!

LED Inflatable Enclosure

Our LED inflatable photo booth enclosure is modern and an eye catching spin on the traditional photo booth! It is equipped with LED lighting which can be set to any one specific color of your choice. Such bright illumination is guaranteed to add an elegant lighting effect to your venue and decor. This style can accommodate up to 13 guests at once inside of the enclosure!

LED Inflatable  Enclosure.jpg
Pipe and Drape enclosure .jpg

Pipe and Drape Enclosure

If you prefer for your guests to have a bit more privacy while snapping their pictures, then they can do so with our stylish pipe and drape enclosure which consists of four sides of draping. With this option, your guests will simply step into the booth, close the privacy curtain and pose away!

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